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Here are some of the regular questions we are asked. Click on a question to go straight to the answer.

What types of properties are required?

We are generally seeking 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties for young people, single parents, adults and families, and we are interested in properties throughout North London and Enfield.

Who do we let properties to?

We work with local authorities across London. They provide us with the tenant and we guarantee the rental income for the term of the lease. We also provide housing for employed tenants with no connection to local authorities.

When tenants are referred to us from local authorities our Housing Management Team makes sure they are able to meet the cost of renting. For the majority of tenants the rent will be paid through housing benefit.

How much rent will I receive?

The amount of rent you receive is dependent on the size and location of the property. Our negotiators can give you an indicative rental figure over the phone, but we will need to visit the property to give an accurate rental assessment.

In certain circumstances the maximum rent we can pay is the Local Housing Allowance for the property.

What sort of tenancy agreement is required?

We will require an Assured Shorthold Tenancy of at least twelve months. Where more than one tenant is living at the property, individual tenancies must be granted for each room.

Who manages the tenants?

We provide all our new tenants with an initial induction to their property. From this point and throughout the tenancy we make regular visits to inspect the condition of the property. Depending on the requirements of the local authority, tenancies are offered on either an assured shorthold or non-secure basis. All tenancies are subject to high property standards and stringent controls.

Who is responsible for repairs?

We expect landlords to remain responsible for repairs and encourage our clients to report them as soon as possible. If the issue is caused, accidentally or deliberately, by our tenants we will administer these repairs.

Who is responsible for the bills?

Arrangements for utility bills are agreed at the start of the tenancy. The standard procedure is for the tenants to assume responsibility for all the utilities they use. This includes Council Tax.