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Lettings Process
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After we have discussed your needs and our scheme, this is what will happen:

  1. Meeting You at the Property:

    This is a free inspection by one of our negotiators, who will answer any questions and take you through our property requirements.

  2. Application:

    Once you have decided to go ahead we will need a completed lease application form and a survey fee from you.

  3. Full Survey:

    Our surveyor will visit your property and carry out a thorough assessment and decide what you do or don't need to do to bring your property up to the required rental standard.

  4. Health and Safety Requirements:

    You must by law arrange safety checks for the gas and electricity and obtain all current certificates. You will also need to arrange a three star service contract for the hot water and central heating.

  5. Final Inspection:

    When you have completed any needed work our surveyor will carry out a final inspection and draw up a Schedule of Condition recording the condition of your property at the start of the lease.

  6. Signing the Lease:

    Once your property has passed the final inspection and we have all of the documentation we will ask the local authority to provide a customer for the property.

    Your lease will usually start on the date of the first tenancy. From this date we guarantee that your rent will be paid directly to you every month until the end of the agreement.

  7. Management Service:

    Our housing management service guarantees that your property will receive regular visits to ensure that it is being well looked after and maintained to the highest standard.