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Support Provisions
Services Provided - Support Provisions - Eligibility & Assessment - Accreditation

Supported Housing – LOW Support Need

This accommodation is regularly monitored by a floating team. The monitoring team will undertake planned, routine and reactive visits each week, including out of hours and weekends. Each Service User receives up to four hours of 1:1 key work support each week.

Monitored Accommodation – MEDIUM Support Need

This level of service provides a greater and more structured staffing presence within the accommodation, including in the evening and weekends. Each Service User usually receives a minimum of seven hours of 1:1 key work support each week.

Staffed Accommodation – HIGH Support Need

This service is designed for Service Users assessed as requiring the highest level of need and is usually provided within 24 hour staffed accommodation. Each Service User usually receives a minimum of fourteen hours of 1:1 key work support each week

Assessment, Monitoring & Reporting

  • Each service user receives an initial assessment to determine their general needs and assist in putting together a support plan.
  • All service users receive on-going, regular and structured support that is recorded and used to update the support plan
  • A regular update of all service users is provided to the Placing Authority
  • Our experienced property and support teams operate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, to ensure that all service users and accommodation is fully supported at all times

Additional Support Provisions

  • Healthcare:
    Registering with G.P, dentist and optician, arranging and attending hospital/medical appointments, sex education and general advice.

  • Life Skills:
    Support and advice on day to day living, dependency, social integration, responsibility and operating appliances etc.

  • Employment, Education and Training:
    Identifying needs/requirements, locating suitable establishments, assistance to apply, interview, enrol and study guidance etc.

  • Nutrition and Hygiene:
    Support to take care of themselves and their accommodation, dietary advice, safe cooking, food storage and preparation.

  • Specific Needs:
    Identifying, reporting and assisting with the access/referral to relevant professionals for any specific needs such as health issues etc.

  • Financial Management:
    Assistance with shopping, budgeting, saving, bank accounts, benefits, economising and living within the provided means etc.

  • Social/Hobbies/Community Groups:
    Help develop and maintain social activities youth clubs etc, explore new hobbies, establishing cultural/religious needs, locate local resources.

  • Travel:
    Support on planning journeys and getting to and from appointments, college/school etc