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IAG Policy
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We recognise the essential part played by Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) in supporting our service users to make choices about their lifestyle, accommodation, employment and education, to raise their aspirations and achievements. IAG plays an important role in developing our approach to broadening our service provisions, increasing participation and improving outcomes.

This policy sets out a commitment to implement IAG standards and to support an environment that makes our provisions accessible, attractive and relevant, to provide clear progression, coherent services and flexible, differentiated opportunities.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Clear impartial advice and information about all the services available, so that you understand what they involve
  • Support and guidance to help you make choices and produce a plan for the future
  • Regular personal support and information on how well you are doing
  • Providing a wide programme of services that help you develop skills and knowledge to make informed choices
  • The opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that affect you
  • An opportunity to set out an individual life/support plan
  • Help and support at the appropriate time

These aims and objectives will be published and made known to all Service Users through leaflets, factsheets and websites. Service users will be encouraged to review their accommodation and the services received and provide feedback.

Planning, Delivery and Review

We will meet regularly to plan, deliver and review the delivery of the IAG entitlement, to monitor the implementation of the national IAG standards and to work impartially and in partnership. An IAG Sub Group will meet regularly to support partnership working, review arrangements and report to the managers and Directors.

Partnership and Collaboration

The implementation of IAG standards requires service users, staff and associates to work collaboratively, impartially and in the best interests of the individuals and to sign up to adopt this policy and the entitlement. A regular meeting of all partners will be held to review Service Users needs, plan timely support and agree processes for identification of individual needs, referral and information sharing.

Link with other Policies

This policy should inform and progress reviews and organisational plans. We will need this IAG to use and refer to this policy alongside those for accommodation, support, development, safeguarding and equal opportunities.


We will set aside resources to improve and strengthen collaborative action and the promotion of opportunities through partnership. It is expected that all partners will provide resources for information and its access through a variety of mediums to provide Service User appropriate facilities, for the successful delivery of planned and positive outcomes.


The assessment and delivery of IAG should be undertaken by staff trained and competent to carry out their tasks. In the implementation of IAG standards, all staff will recognise their role in delivery; information, advice or guidance and the skills, knowledge and competences required to administer them. All staff involved in supporting Service Users should receive induction, materials and training to undertake these tasks.

Quality Assurance

The delivery of IAG and the implementation of standards will be subject to quality assurance processes agreed by the managers and directors. An assessment of competency for all staff offering advice on options should be undertaken annually. Service user feedback will be collected regularly, via a survey undertaken by the reviewing arrangements against entitlement.

Access to IAG

All Service Users will be provided with opportunity, resources and support to review information on choices available to them throughout and beyond the service provision. All staff and associates will ensure Service Users have access to relevant information either via website or download and alternatively formatted materials. Clear information on how to access information, advice and guidance will be provided for all service users and be prominently displayed.

The National Standard for IAG

This policy and the work of all Staff and Associates commit in full to the implementation of the IAG standards. These will be made known to all staff, and will be used in training, planning and quality assurance. We will undertake an annual audit of practice involving all partners on the implementation of the IAG standards including the use of service user feedback. An annual report with recommendations for improvement will be set out annually.

Your consent to this policy

By using our website, you agree to this policy. This is our entire and exclusive IAG Policy and it supersedes any earlier version. Our terms of service take precedence over any conflicting policy provision. We may change our policy from time to time by posting a new version on our website.

Further Enquiries

If you have a question about this or our services, please email us or write to:

The Compliance Officer,
Oak Tree Care Services,
127 St Mark’s Road
Bush Hill Park, EN1 1BJ